This is me


This is me in lego, courtesy of my son

Lego Peter Brumby

I work in Manchester (UK) for the Co-op digital team looking after their corporate website and Intranet.

I’m a manager who can code and write for the web, with a particularly interest in web accessibility and security.

Many years ago I did a degree in Marketing and then started my career for an Ad agency.

Since then I’ve been at the Co-op doing event management, print and for the last 10 years digital.

Managing change for colleagues and customers during difficult times is my thing. I’ve created campaign sites during the financial crisis at the Co-op to keep our Bondholders and Members happy. I’ve also merged six intranets and separated five including Somerfields and Britannia Building Society.

I’ve had a love of web building since 1998 when I created my first website. I used the <Marque> element to scroll some text across the screen. At the time I thought it was fantastic – but now it would be a UX and accessibility fail.

If you want to chat about digital stuff or share my love of lego and bad action movies get in contact.